Liberals Claim The Word ‘Thug’ Is ‘Racist,’ So Greta Van Susteren Does This

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As the Baltimore riots continue to heat up, angry liberals are claiming that the word “thug” is now synonymous with the “n-word,” and is therefore racist.

These liberals have been all over the news over the last week or so slamming the media for their coverage of the riots, as many anchors have described the violent looters as “thugs,” which in the minds of liberals is a racial slur.

According to Conservative Tribune, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word “thug” as a “violent criminal, a brutal ruffian, assassin or thief.” That seems to describe the looters pretty well to me!

Fox’s own Greta Van Susteren isn’t having any of this, and she recently took to her Facebook to slam liberals who have turned the word “thug” into a racial slur.

“This really annoys me because it continues to happen. It was not just one person last week, but now others,” Greta wrote, adding that she spent years representing and defending minorities and that she resents the implication that she is racist.

“Wrong word, really? Thug is now a word I can’t use to call those who set cars on fire, throw rocks at police and burn down senior centers? Really?” she asked rhetorically. “I would call ANYONE, with any ethnic background a thug who throws rocks at police and sets cars on fire (and yes, I would call a police officer or a lawyer or anyone else who beats up an innocent person a thug, too.)”

Greta went on to say that the worst part about this is that we are now simply talking about a word, instead of the real problems that the black community faces like the lack of jobs or education.

“We need people to work on real problems — not people running around telling everyone what to say and implying they are racists when they are not,” she concluded.

We applaud Greta for being brave enough to stand up against the politically correct media firestorm. Stay strong, Greta!

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