Michelle Obama Drops Bombshell About Her Future Plans


May 4, 2015 1:20pm PST

With less than two years left in the White House, Barack Obama is scrambling to both find a new job and to save himself from being the worst president in history.

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama is also trying to figure out what to do next while also attempting to create a legacy for something other than being a horrible first lady.

During her six years as first lady, Michelle has mostly been famous for her willingness “to make a complete fool” of herself for her causes. She’s danced like a fool with everyone from Big Bird to a turnip to promote healthy eating, and she’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Now, it has been revealed that Michelle plans to continue with her “Let’s Move” campaign even after her husband leaves office. While she’s been distracting us all by acting like an idiot in public, Michelle has been making deals behind the scenes with top corporations behind the scenes. These deals with such superpowers as Walmart have ensured that Michelle’s campaign is far from finished, and that money will continue to pour in for her for quite some time.

Michelle has also used her status to earn endorsements from such celebrities as LeBron James and Beyonce, despite the fact that they are each soda spokesmen.

“Beyoncé has just put Let’s Move! in a painfully awkward conflict of interest,” Marion Nestle, a New York University nutrition and public health professor, wrote on her blog.

Michelle, however, doesn’t give a hoot about this, or her own campaign for that matter. Despite the fact that Michelle’s school lunch plan has been vilified by students, teachers, and parents alike, she has continued to move forward with it in an attempt to earn herself more status and celebrity. If one takes this plan out of the equation, Michelle would have accomplished virtually nothing during her time as first lady, and she is clearly very aware of this.

While it is still unclear what exactly Michelle will be doing after her husband leaves office, she will definitely not be giving up the spotlight. If you thought 2016 would be the end of the Let’s Move campaign, you thought wrong.


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