This 10 Year-old Girl Got Pregnant By Her Stepfather, But What Happened Next Was Even Worse

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A few months ago, a 10 year-old girl in Paraguay showed up to her local hospital complaining of stomach pains. Doctors were stunned when they found out what was causing the pain…

After examining the girl, doctors found that she was six months pregnant. The girls mother, who brought her to the hospital, was immediately arrested and charged as an accomplice to her daughter’s rape. She is now “in custody facing charges of breaching duty of care and being an accomplice to sexual abuse.”

Police have since found that the father of the baby is the 10 year-old girl’s stepfather.

This case turned into an international incident after the girl’s mother asked the hospital to give her daughter an abortion. Doctors refused, since Paraguay abortion laws are too restrictive to allow for that. Now, Amnesty International is saying these laws are “tantamount to torture” and are slamming Paraguay for forcing the child to have her step-father’s baby.

Current Paraguay laws state that anyone who performs an abortion can be sentenced to 15-30 months in prison. This includes women who perform abortions on themselves. Abortions are only allowed if it can be proven that the mother’s life is at risk.

“The physical and psychological impact of forcing this young girl to continue with an unwanted pregnancy is tantamount to torture,” said Guadalupe Marengo, deputy director of Americas Program at Amnesty International, according to The Christian Post.

“We cannot deny our concern regarding the pressures constantly exerted on the Paraguayan state, which is free and sovereign, by so-called ‘U.N. experts,’ many of whom adhere to obscure ideologies that openly contradict our human and Christian values,” Valenzeula added

While some Christians have argued that this girl should be allowed to get an abortion, church leaders have continued to urge Paraguay to keep their anti-abortion laws and not to relax them.

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