This May Look Like A Simple Cabin, But You Won’t Believe What’s Inside

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Macy Miller is an architect who was sick and tired of paying an expensive mortgage. Fed up with the system, she withdrew $11,000 from her bank account and used it to build her dream home over the course of two years.

She had no idea that by the time she was done, she had started a trend.

Macy built a 196 square foot “tiny home,” which is a hot new trend many are drawn to for the low cost of living. Though Macy’s house may look tiny on the outside, it is both complete and luxurious on the inside.




The best part about the home is that no bank will ever be able to take it away from Macy, or even bother her about it. The tiny home is completely 100% her own.




Would you be able to live in a tiny home like this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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