Al Sharpton Announces New March on Washington, But His Demands Are Even Worse

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On Thursday, Reverend Al Sharpton announced that he will be holding a new march on Washington, but if you think that’s bad, wait until you hear what he’s demanding…

The original March on Washington was led by Martin Luther King Jr. on August 28, 1963. It involved over 200,000 African Americans marching to Washington D.C. for “jobs and freedom.” It was also when King delivered his legendary “I Have a Dream” speech.

Over 50 years later, Sharpton is set to do this once again, only his reasons are far less noble. According to The Gateway Pundit, Sharpton’s march will be trying to get the Department of Justice to take over the U.S. police and hold “bad officers” accountable.

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This news comes less than a week after President Obama blamed the Baltimore riots on the U.S. police, rather than the violent rioters themselves.

“Since Ferguson we have seen too many instances of what appears to be police officers interacting with individuals, primarily African Americans, often poor, in ways that raise troubling questions,” Obama said in a nationally televised speech. “And it comes up it seems like, once a week now, or every couple weeks. And so I think it’s understandable that, and more importantly moms and dads across the nation saying this is a crisis.”

As soon as the riots broke, Sharpton rushed to Baltimore to soak up the spotlight as he always does when there’s racial conflict. For over a week now, he has been fanning the flames there and encouraging the rioters to continue on with their violent looting.

It is race baiters like Al Sharpton who need to be stopped in order for America to move forward.


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