Bill O’Reilly Expresses His Hatred For Sean Hannity ‘It’s Absolutely True’

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Though they are both staples at Fox News, Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity can’t stand each other.


O’Reilly’s hatred for Hannity was exposed in a Newsweek article by Howard Kurtz in which he quoted Fox News head Roger Ailes:

Ailes says O’Reilly has “moderated” his views and that “Beck scared him”—meaning [Glenn] Beck was so popular on the right that O’Reilly had to find a different niche…(Ailes seems to relish the feuding among his stars, saying, “O’Reilly hates Sean and he hates Rush because they did better in radio than he did.”)

When Don Imus asked O’Reilly if these comments were true, the anchor replied “Oh, that’s absolutely true. But I hate everybody. You can throw any name in there.”

He went on to defend both Ailes and Beck, but was noticeably quiet about Hannity.

“We love Roger. Roger loves to be a provocateur,” O’Reilly chuckled. “I get a kick out of him. Why would I have Glenn Beck on my program every Friday and go out on the road with him if I was frightened by him?”


Recently, O’Reilly slighted Hannity once again when he called his show “a Republican Show.” This was meant as an insult in this context, as O’Reilly was indicating that he is the true independent voice of the network.

Who do you like better, O’Reilly or Hannity? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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