This Alaskan Shack Has Been Abandoned For Over 100 Years – What’s Inside Will Leave You Stunned

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Over 100 years ago, Ernest Shackelton and Robert Falcon Scott became the first men to reach the South Pole and build a settlement there. Recently, a few of the structures they built have been found, and archaeologists have been eagerly restoring them ever since.

One of the men working to restore these structures is Pip Cheshire, a conservation architect who has travelled to one of the coldest places on earth to restore the Shackelton buildings.

Life in this area was extremely difficult in Shackelton and Scott’s day. The temperature in the summer reached a high of 20 F while the average low reached about -56 F. Their stove was the men’s only source of heat, and they survived mostly off flour and crackers.

They eventually abandoned the shacks because they began leaking water. What do you think about how they look today?


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