Threeway Marriages May Now Be Legalized

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With gay marriage potentially about to be legalized by the Supreme Court, the next marriage battle is already in it’s early stages.

According to Breitbart, the Green Party in the U.K. has announced that they are “open” to legalizing threeway marriages in the country.

During a recent Q&A, reporter Jon Barrett asked Green Party leader Natalie Bennett, “As someone living with his two boyfriends in a stable long-term relationship, I would like to know what your stance is on polyamory rights. Is there room for Green support on group civil partnerships or marriages?”

“We have led the way on many issues related to the liberalisation of legal status in adult consenting relationships, and we are open to further conversation and consultation,” she replied.

One of the main criticisms people have for gay marriage is that it would create a “slippery slope” that would result in marriage being defined in many ridiculous ways.

“Why is the government saying there should be same sex marriages?” Conservative MP Matthew Offord asked the House of Commons when gay marriage was being legalized. “Why should it not also be blood relatives? Why should it not also be polygamists? It seems they are rushing this forward and they have not thought out what the consequences are going to be.”

“What will our successors be discussing and have to legislate for in the future? Polygamy? Three-way relationships? Who knows what else?” his colleague Craig Whittaker also asked.

This news comes the same week that the Asian Pacific Society of Cardiology Congress found that polygamy quadruples the risk of heart disease.

“We found an association between an increasing number of wives and the severity and number of coronary blockages,” said the King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

“This could be because the need to provide and maintain separate households multiplies the financial burden and emotional expense,” they added. “Each household must be treated fairly and equally, and it seems likely that the stress of doing that for several spouses and possibly several families of children is considerable.”

Europe once paved the way for gay marriage to be brought up in the U.S. Should Britain legalize threeway marriages, it won’t be long before it makes it’s way to the U.S. God only knows what’s next…

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