Malia Obama Under Fire For Wearing This At Photo Shoot


May 1, 2015 8:25am PST

Malia Obama recently stirred up some controversy when she was caught wearing a very fancy, short skirt during a photo shoot with her family.

During her family’s Easter photo shoot, Malia was shown in a clearly expensive skirt that was definitely a bit short for a 16 year-old.


Malia wasn’t the only Obama pictured in expensive clothing. The whole family was shown laughing in their lavish gear while the unemployment rate soared across the country and millions of Americans went hungry.

Young Malia clearly takes after her mother Michelle, who continues to wear designer clothes and gowns at all times despite the growing poverty in America. Michelle doesn’t have any shame in raising taxes to feed her shopping addiction. She clearly has no qualms about spending Americans’ hard-earned tax dollars on her own lavish lifestyle.

Quite frankly, this whole family makes us sick!


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