Jerry Seinfeld Just Risked His Career To Defend Fox News

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Bill Maher loves nothing more than to blame Fox News for anything he can, and Jerry Seinfeld has had enough.

On a recent episode of his show, Maher contented that one of the main problems with America is polarization, and that this is all Fox News’ fault. He accused Fox of creating a “language barrier” in which the right only hears conservative nonsense.

Guest Jerry Seinfeld immediately disagreed, saying “each side just talks to its side,” so it’s ridiculous to blame polarization on Fox News alone. Governor Haley Barbour agreed, saying “Fox doesn’t have a monopoly on taking sides.”

Maher, however, refused to concede his side. According to Mediaite, he claimed that liberals “like different,” but conservatives just “want to hear the same things over and over.”

Once again, liberals are being portrayed as “open-minded” when in reality they are far more closed minded than their conservative counterparts. In today’s liberal society, conservatives are forced to be open-minded in order to survive. Meanwhile, cocky liberals are willing to hear anyone’s opinion – as long as it matches their own. As soon as they are confronted with facts from the other side, they completely shut down.

I wouldn’t call that open-mindedness.

Just after this show aired, it was revealed that Fox News is the most trusted cable news source in America, and that it is way ahead of it’s liberal counterparts. More Americans trust Fox than any other network, and they trust it for a reason: Fox brings both the facts and a quality of news that nobody is.

The numbers don’t lie, Fox is where it’s at!

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