These Parents Are Being Threatened With Jail For Defying Obama

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A growing number of teachers, students, and parents alike have been becoming more and more fed up with Obama’s Common Core educational standards.

Hundreds of thousands of students across the country have “opted out” of the standardized tests needed to make Obama’s Common Core function. Now, a group of parents in South Carolina are being threatened with jail time for resisting Obama’s “one size fits all” education strategy by allowing their children to not take the tests.

Elizabeth Carpentier, Chief Operating Officer of South Carolina’s Education Department, reportedly threatened parents in an anti-Common Core group that they could spend up to thirty days in jail if their children do not take the exams.

According to Conservative Tribune, Carpenter also told the parents that they could face charges of aiding and abetting criminal activity if they continue to encourage others to opt out of testing.

The Public Information Office of the state’s Education Department has since denied that any threats have taken place, but supporters of Common Core are clearly getting more and more nervous as they watch resistance to their policies grow.

In the past, Obama’s Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has threatened to cut off federal funding to both states and schools that try to defy Common Core. He also has said the feds “may have an obligation to step in” if this resistance continues.

“Duncan’s statements reflect a growing pressure on education bureaucrats to keep states locked into the Common Core,” said the Home School Legal Defense Association. “Whenever the government threatens to ‘step in,’ the right of parents to be involved in their children’s education is bound to suffer.”

They added that these threats by the Department of Education are meant to coerce states into submission.

We can only hope that these threats are just bluffs, and that parents will continue to defy Common Core until it is destroyed.

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