These Sex Dolls Are Taking The World By Storm

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These new sex dolls are getting ready to change the global market forever.

The incredibly realistic dolls are each designed by hand by a renowned artist who says he is doing it to help the world. He started by designing life sized women, but then he began getting messages from people asking if the dolls were anatomically correct.

He then knew what he had to do.

The artist then set about creating a realistic vagina, and bragged that he “tested the dolls out” himself to ensure that they felt realistic. Now, he is making lots of money off these realistic sex dolls.

One man who ordered the doll lived way up in the Alaskan wilderness all alone. The doll was sent to him in a coffin-like structure, but once he opened it he said he loved it. He admitted that the doll “took the edge” off him being alone all the time.

The artist said that the doll often becomes a treasured member of her owner’s household. The men often give her a name, and sometimes even give her her own room. After awhile, she almost becomes a person to them.

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