Mother Viciously Beats Woman In Front Of Her Kids Over Parking Space, But What Happens Next Is Even Worse

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Shocking video footage shows a mother viciously beating another woman over a mall parking space in front of their children.

The fight occurred outside the Green Acres Mall in Long Island, New York. Now, Nassau Police are asking the public for help in locating the attacker in the video.

It all started when the 49 year-old victim tried to pull into a parking space, not noticing that a man (the attacker’s husband) was holding it for someone else. When she saw him, she parked elsewhere, but as she walked towards the mall she became caught in an exchange with the man’s wife.

The escalation became physical when the woman in the orange tank top jumped the victim and began punching her face repeatedly as her husband cheered her on.

“My wife is gonna beat her a**!” he shouted proudly. “Yeah, baby, bust her face!”

Unbelievably enough, the fight was avidly watched by a group of bystanders who did nothing to stop it.

Finally, the two woman were pulled apart and the attacker fled the scene. Never one to be quiet, her husband had some parting words for the victim.

“You got knocked on you face for running your f***ing mouth,” he told her. “Now go home, Brooklyn style b****.”

The victim walked away with minor injuries to her face. Police are still searching for the attacker, and we’re praying she gets caught ASAP!

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