Baltimore Mother Who Humiliated Her Rioting Son Breaks Her Silence

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A few days ago, a video of Baltimore mom Toya Graham publicly humiliating her son when she caught him joining the riots went viral.

The video shows Graham “whooping her son’s butt” when she catches him throwing rocks at cops in Baltimore. In the end, the teen had no choice but to return home.

Since the video hit youtube, Graham has become a symbol for hope and humanity in a time of chaos.

“That’s my only son and at the end of the day, I don’t want him to be a Freddie Gray,” she told her local news. “Is he a perfect boy? No, he’s not. But he’s mine.”

On Monday, Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts recognized Graham for her heroism during a press conference.

“In one scene you had a mother who grabbed a child who had a hood on his head and started smacking him on the head because she was so embarrassed,” he said. “I wish there were more parents out there who took charge of their kids tonight.”

“Take control of your kids,” he urged other parents. “This is our city, let’s make a difference.”

This isn’t an easy time to be a police officer in Baltimore, or anywhere in the country for that matter. During a Tuesday speech, President Obama himself condemned the U.S. police and blamed them for the Baltimore riots, rather than the protesters themselves.

Now, police officers across the country can’t even count on their own president to have their back. These truly are disturbing times that we live in…

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