When Rioters Broke Into His Store, This Baltimore Business Owner Grabbed His Shotgun

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The mainstream media is trying to paint the Baltimore race rioters as innocent victims, but in reality they are looting and pillaging just like their Ferguson predecessors.

The media’s liberal obsession is what is burying stories like this and making sure they don’t see the light of day. Last night, a reporter for the Baltimore Sun named Justin Fenton was saved from violent race rioters by a store owner with a shotgun.

Fenton was out trying to find a story when he saw a police officer being assaulted by rioters.

“I ran down and got in the middle of everything,” he said, adding that he was “inside of the area (of) Pennsylvania Avenue and North Avenue where a lot of (things were) taking place” and that he was being protected “a group of self-identifying Crips gang members.”

Obviously, this protection wasn’t reliable, so it’s not that surprising when Fenton took the photo, he was approached by “a man with a hoodie pulled tight over his face.”

The man was armed with a can of mace, and he demanded Fenton’s cell phone. When he refused, he was sprayed “in the face” with the mace, at which point he ran for his life. Luckily for Fenton, he spotted a store being guarded by an owner with a shotgun, and he immediately ran inside to safety.

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It’s unbelievably ironic that a reporter from a liberal newspaper was saved from the very “peaceful” protesters he was trying to help by a patriotic American with a shotgun. The right to bare arms is one of the rights that liberal journalist want taken away, yet this time it saved a member of the mainstream media’s life.

Looks like the constitution isn’t that bad after all!

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