This Gas Station Scam Has Probably Happened To You – We Cant Believe This

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This viral video just exposed a gas station scam that has probably happened to you.

The footage shows a man named Kaloyan Pechevski being charged for gas even though nothing is coming out of the pump. He prepaid $25 cash at the Citgo Gas Station in Wheeling, Illinois, but he quickly noticed that the pump was continuing to charge him even though no gas was coming out.

“After that I went to get my [$25] back and I was told by the gentleman that sometimes it gets loose and that was the reason for what you saw on my video,” Pechevski wrote in the description.

When reporters called the gas station to investigate, they were told the manager was “out.” They then asked for an email address, at which point the attendant quickly hung up.

This video must be spread so that people can see what is really happening at gas stations everywhere.

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