BREAKING: Newly Surfaced Report Suggests Government Created Lyme’s Disease

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Lyme’s Disease is a crippling disease that has baffled doctors since it was first reported in 1975.

The disease causes nerve damage, pain, numbness, and even paralysis. It is spread by deer ticks who feed on both animal and human blood. Unbelievably enough, new evidence suggests that Lyme’s Disease was created by our own government.

The first case of Lyme’s Disease was reported in Old Lyme, Connecticut back in 1975. Not even ten miles away from this town is the Plum Island Animal Disease Center, which happens to have a tick research lab.

If this isn’t enough of a coincidence for you, there’s still much more evidence to come.

After World War II, Plum Island recruited noted Nazi Erlich Traub to do research there. Traub worked directly under Hitler during the war, and he narrowly escaped standing trial in Nuremberg for his crimes. Traub was a top biological weapons industry expert whose specialty was infecting ticks and mosquitos with biological germs.

Reports say that Plum Island allowed the infected insects to roam the island freely. Meanwhile, boats, birds, and people travelled on and off the island, making it easy for ticks to escape and spread the disease.

This basically means that Lyme’s Disease was created by our own government and spread around the country due to their thoughtlessness. Since 1975, this disease has spread like wildfire.


Now, Plum Island is for sale, despite the fact that it contains thousands of creatures infected with an unimaginable variety of diseases, and evidence suggests that Lyme’s Disease is nothing compared to some of the others.

In 2008, the Montauk Monster washed up on the beaches of Montauk, New York. The creature had long fingers and puncture wounds in it’s skull. Rumors quickly spread that the creature was another Plum Island “experiment.”


An unidentified human remain washed up on shore soon after as well, making this story all the more sketchy.

If something is not done about Plum Island fast, we could all be in big trouble.


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