Super Bowl-Winning Coach Slams Obama To His Face At White House

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Last week, Barack Obama offended millions of people all over the world when he refused to call the Armenian genocide a “genocide” on it’s 100th anniversary.

Enraged by this, Super Bowl-winning coach Bill Belichick knew he had to do something. While attending the annual celebration of Super Bowl winners, the New England Patriots coach proudly wore an Armenian flag pin as he stood right next to Obama.

While he is not an Armenian himself, he wore it in solidarity with the 1.5 million Armenians who were massacred in 1915. Unbelievably enough, Turkey still denies that this genocide ever happened, and they have managed to bully other countries like the U.S. into believing it too.

In classic Obama fashion, he is clearly oblivious to what Belichick is doing in the picture above. The president is seen grinning like an idiot as the Patriots coach exposes him as the ignorant fool that he is.

This was not the only snub Obama received at the event. Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady refused to attend the¬†gathering at the White House. Though he cited a “prior family commitment” as the reason, it was clear that he really had no intention of accepting any kind of invitation from Obama. Brady has spoken out against the president in the past.

We applaud Brady and Belichick for putting their careers at risk in our liberal society by making moves against Obama.

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