Teen Films Mother Beaten Up By Girlfriend So He Can Go “Internet Viral”

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An unknown “selfie-stick” user posted one of the most disturbing ways to use the device, to film a fight between your “ghetto” girlfriend and your mother fighting over you.

As the two women escalate their argument, his mother grabs a bat – instead of realizing they’re about to fight and he should stop filming, he puts a huge grin on his face and grabs the bat away from her. Later, when his girlfriend picks up a cement brick as his mother cowers behind the door, he grabs the brick from her. Apparently, he doesn’t really care about either of them, he just wanted to go “viral” on the internet.

The mother is screaming for the girlfriend to leave her house, which doesn’t have any effect on the selfie-stick user or his “girlfriend”. Once his mom is pulling the door shut, the girlfriend grabs a flower pot and sends that at the mothers face before the scratching and clawing match between the two of them begin.

Details around the incident remain unknown, no neighbors seemed to care, we don’t know where in America the video was shot, and frankly the only way to classify the story is “disturbing”. Once the girlfriend has the mother pinned to a wall outside they start biting, clawing, and scratching.

What makes the video the most painful to watch is the glee that the boy takes in watching the two fight over one another and the huge grin that he keeps during the entire two minute fight, for the benefit of his “internet cred.(ibility)”.

At the end of the fight the boy signs off with a shout-out to Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube… forecasting that the video would go viral, which it would. A reflection on our society, where someone would rather be an internet sensation than prevent their mother from being slammed in the face with a flower pot before being pinned to a wall in front of their own house.

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