When He Went To Fix His Car Window, He Never Expected To Find This

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When this man purchased a new car and it immediately began having mechanical problems, he thought he was in big trouble. He had no idea he was about to find something amazing…

After buying the car at a police auction, the man quickly started to notice some issues with it. The main problem with it was a back window that wouldn’t roll down completely. It looked like the window was stuck on something, so the man removed the entire door panel.


When he removed the panel and pulled back the plastic layer, he found that a black bag was stopping the window from rolling down completely.



When the man opened the bag, he found six packages wrapped in duct tape that were shaped like bricks. He had no idea what was inside them.


Initially thinking the packages contained drugs, he opened them cautiously and prepared to call the police. Instead, the packages contained money: a whole lot of money!



While the total amount of money found has yet to be revealed, it seems like it was quite a lot. It turns out the car had previously belonged to a drug dealer. After his arrest, the vehicle was confiscated and sold at auction. The money is now back in police custody.


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