Tattoo’s Banned By State Senate In 26-4 Vote In This State

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The Arkansas Senate passed a bill to ban tattoos, piercings and other similar body modifications which it characterizes as “non-traditional,” recently.

Senator Missy Irvin of Mountain View, Arkansas sponsored the bill entitled “An Act To Limit Body Art Procedures”. She says that body modifications should be limited to “traditional” tattoos and piercings.

Her proposal was to essentially ban scarification procedures and dermal implants, as well as certain tattoos which remain yet to be defined as by the vague language of the bill she sponsored.

Almost unbelievably, this bill passed by a 26-4 vote. Following this, the bill was sent to the House, where it took on even more vague language. See the link above for the bill as it was eventually “compromised” on in the House.

The scarification ban from the Senate version was removed, while considerable ambiguous language remained. The House “compromise” bans dermal implants unless performed by a doctor. This essentially, and in practice, outlaws the body modification. As well, the bill’s vague, undefined language – even in the edited, House version – while editing out some of the original language on tattoos, fails to define a number of important issues raised by the Senate version, including what they mean by “cosmetic” tattoos as opposed to “non-cosmetic” tattoos.

If the government dictating what you can and can’t do with your body bothers you, SPREAD THE WORD!

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I couldn’t believe this shit if I was reading it in 1984, or if it was a law being passed by a group of Protestant witch hunters. What the fuck? Tattoo’s and piercings are now up for debate in America? Senator “Missy” can go fuck herself.


Behold, the beautiful and not hideous or prude looking “Senator Missy Irvin” – I’m not even bull shitting you, that’s her above. And if you’re unfortunate enough to be a citizen in Arkansas, then this hag wants to dictate to you what you can put on your skin, based off of whether it is “traditional” or not. It makes sense why a group of people who have nothing in common with the pubic would vote 26-4 to ban “non-traditional” tattoo’s. Just the other day a soldier was refused remittance to service because he had gotten a tattoo on his forearm of two rifles crossing. Those in power want everyone to be smooth sailing consumerist ships, that do nothing wrong, question no laws, accept every ticket, and sit slowly and passively by as their rights are stripped from them. Fuck them.

-Mr. Conservative — [email protected]

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