Trespassing Cop Shoots Woman’s Dog, Blames Her For Having Rottweiler

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“I haven’t slept for days. I haven’t eaten. It’s hard for me to even come out,” Gloger told Fox13. “I freaked out. I was like, ‘oh my God, of all people, I would never think a sheriff would trespass, come over the gate, not unlatch it, and come in and just shoot my dog.’”

We’re negligent if we don’t go to that house and God forbid something happens to her. It’s our duty to go out there and do everything we can to ensure the safety of our citizens,” Sheriff Chris Nocco told FOX 13. “It’s an unfortunate situation that these dogs attacked our deputy.”

The Facts As They Stand:

1. The “officer” went to the wrong house – where no alarm was going off.

2. The “officer” was thus trespassing.

3. The “officer” ignored the signs warning him that there would be guard dogs

4. After hopping the fence and hearing —wait for it— GUARD DOGS — the surprised idiot draws his gun and decides to blast an 18 month Rottweiler instead of go the other way.

5. The “police” investigate themselves, and SURPRISE(!) they find out that none of them did anything wrong.

6. “You have a Rottweiler, that’s a big dog!!!” Officer Fuckface said. “We would have been negligent if we hadn’t responded to a burglary alarm” said Sheriff Fuckface #2.

7. Oh my god I forgot! When a burglary alarm goes off the cops have the right to hop everyone’s locked fence in the surrounding area and kill their dogs if they weigh over a certain weight. Mr. Conservative gets it wrong again.

No justice to see here, move along…

Still not convinced the cops are busy either beating the shit out of people, shooting dogs(or people), or handing out tickets? Watch Adam Carolla absolutely destroy the police in this hilarious video here.

-Mr. Conservative — [email protected]

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