Police Officer Smashes Woman’s Phone For “Filming The Police”

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As you’ll see in the video of the incident, taken by another citizen filming from across the street, a woman who was using her phone to record the agents at a neighbor’s home, not breaking the law, was confronted by a large, bearded police officer sporting a vest who grabbed her phone, smashed it on the ground and then kicked it away. — Conservative Tribune

Let us be clear that we’re as pro-law enforcement as one can be, which is more important than ever given the past year of incidences that have painted law-abiding police officers in a negative light. said ConservativeTribune.com

MrConservative.com is NOT a Pro-Police site, despite the fact that I’ve been told that a large part of the audience is “Pro-Police”. I have no idea what this means, nor do I care. There are good cops and there are bad cops, and today most of them are bad. If you’re looking for sugar-coated bull shit about your neighborhood officer helping a little girl get a cat down from a tree – go to ConservativeTribune – if you want to see what’s wrong with police in this country:
First, that they kill with impunity — When they kill they go on administrative leave. When we defend ourselves we are guilty until proven innocent.
Second, few of them have balls with the exception of those who came out during the Gun Ban fiasco saying they wouldn’t enforce gun confiscation if certain models were made illegal. Your “friendly neighborhood cop” worries me, because the question you need to be asking is, if he’s given an order to violate your rights (if he’s not already busy violating your rights) will he?

It took me TWO MINUTES to find a video from yesterday that made my blood boil. Police ignore the sign of a dog present, invade private property without cause or warrant, and shoot the dog.

Watch the officer defend himself by blaming the woman for owning rottweiler’s. “I thought your house was being broken into”. So, you hopped the fence of the wrong house, pulled your gun seconds after hopping the fence instead of hopping back over, and killed someones dog. Protect and serve!


No justice to see here, move along…

Still not convinced the cops are busy either beating the shit out of people, shooting dogs(or people), or handing out tickets? Watch Adam Carolla absolutely destroy the police in this hilarious video here.

-Mr. Conservative — [email protected]

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