Mother Shoves Pizza Down 400-Pound Daughter’s Throat, But What Happens Next Is Even Worse

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Caitlin Finney is a 22 year-old girl from Kentucky who also happens to weigh 400-pounds. While most girls that big would be desperately trying to lose weight, Caitlin has no intention to get fit. Instead, she makes her living off eating as much pizza, burgers, and soda on camera as she can.

Shockingly enough, Caitlin’s biggest supporter of her unhealthy lifestyle is her own mother.

“My favorite one is this one,” her mother said as she looked at her daughter’s revealing photos. “Her stance is like ‘look at me. I’m big, I’m beautiful. I’ve got the boobs, I’ve got the butt, and the belly.'”

“It makes me smile when I see the photographs,” Caitlin’s mom added. “I love it.”

As a child, Caitlin faced relentless bullying for being big. However, after she graduated high school, she quickly found she could make a lot of money out of being fat. She immediately found webcam work and began stuffing her face with food for fans all over the world.

“I’ve been asked to drink bacon grease,” Caitlin says. “For me, if something is greasy it’s more erotic than anything.”

While Caitlin was once concerned about what her conservative parents would say about her unusual career, it’s clear that her mother is one of her biggest supporters.

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