Teacher Admits She Had Sex With Three Students – We Didn’t Think This Would Happen Next

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A 35 year-old Utah teacher has admitted that she had sex with three of her students, and she may go to jail for 45 years because of it.

We’ve reported on Brianne Altice in the past as she continued to deny having sex with students despite the fact that multiple victims kept coming forward. The former Davis High School English teacher had sex multiple times with a 16 year-old and two 17 year-olds over the course of the year, and one of the boys testified that he even considered her to be his girlfriend.


Now, two of the boys have filed lawsuits against the Davis County school district accusing them of knowing about Altice’s behavior and not doing enough to protect the boys. They alleged that the teacher’s sexual affairs were so well known that a running joke in the school was “Who is Ms. Altice sleeping with now?”

On Wednesday, an emotional Altice took a plea deal so that she could avoid a trial. According to Daily Mail, she will be sentenced on May 28, and she could end up doing some serious time. She plead guilty to three counts, and each one carries a sentence of one to fifteen years.

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Court documents reveal that the victims cut classes and sometimes spent entire days with Altice, who would confide in the boys about her marital problems. One of the boys testified that they began flirting and texting during class in 2013, and their relationship quickly turned sexual. He claims that the school district saw sexually inappropriate photos of him and Altice, but they chose to reprimand her themselves instead of firing her.

After being arrested for having sex with two of the boys and being set free on bail, Altice began having sex with her third victim. This is likely the main reason the judge refused her request to be let out on bail again before her sentencing.


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