Judge Smacks Down Gangster “This Is Not Your Hood”

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‘It’s the citizens of the United States who own that because they work and pay taxes, you don’t own that.’

Statom said she wanted to show Smith he wasn’t ‘in control everywhere’.

‘It makes me upset because there are people that live in East Lake Court who get up and go to work every day. They take their children to daycare,’telling WRCB-TV Smith should know he “isn’t in control everywhere”

Statom’s fury with Smith was more than justified by her personal connection to the area where her grandmother lived and she spent many nights while growing up. ‘My grandmother lived there and I spent many a night… It was a nice place where you could walk around. People like you have made it a violent, unsafe place to live… Hopefully we can make it the place that it used to be back when it was originally built for people who didn’t have anywhere else to live – to make it a safe place to live,’ she said.


Smith, the accused 20 year old facing murder charges, shot Kendre Allen, 18, several weeks prior. Smith faces charges of murder in the 1st degree and is being held without bond.

The victim “Allen” was the fourth individual shot in six days, clearly the neighborhood has gone from peaceful to panic.

What makes this judge inspiring is her bravado way in which she spoke to the shooter.

Statom a Tennessee Judge was filled with a Southern righteousness “I have been totally shocked… I try not to say too much too often – but I do get really frustrated when people in our community are not working and are not contributing and yet they are committing crimes against others.”

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