You Won’t Believe What Obama’s Brother Was Just Caught Doing

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Two years ago, the Egyptian media discovered something that the U.S. media continues to ignore: Barack Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

One of the main supporters of this allegation was Tahani al-Gebali, vice president of the Supreme Constitutional Court in Egypt. He revealed on live television that he was preparing to expose a number of conspiracies against his country, including the reason why Obama has remained a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood.

A fact that supports these allegations is that Obama’s brother, Malik Obama, is one of the main architects of investment for the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood. Malik is currently under investigation in Egypt for his connections to Islamic Da’wa Organization, a group that is trying to spread Wahhabist Islam across Africa. According to Conservative Tribune, Malik acts as the group’s secretary.

Malik has also been investigated for his charities that he runs, which are the Barack H. Obama Foundation and the Mama Sarah Obama Foundation. These foundations claim to use their money to build homes for widows and HIV victims in Kenya. However, the charities were caught lying about their federal tax-exempt status, leading many to question whether they are lying about where their funds actually go.

President Obama’s cousin, Musa Ismail Obama, has since come forward and claimed that only a small portion of the charity’s funds go towards helping widows and HIV victims. The majority of the money, however, goes towards creating free scholarships to study Islamic Shariah law at the top Wahhabist centers.

Barack Obama is very close to his brother Malik. In fact, they each served as best man at each other’s weddings. Malik is clearly involved in some sketchy activities, which suggests that our president could likely be playing a role in this as well.

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