Michelle Obama Takes Her Mom Out To Lavish Lunch On YOUR Dime – You Won’t Believe What Was On the Menu


April 20, 2015 1:57pm PST

Michelle Obama loves nothing more than spending our hard-earned tax dollars on her own extravagant lifestyle. She was up to her old tricks again recently when she took her mother out to brunch at a lavish restaurant in New York City.

Michelle and her mother, Marian Robinson, recently dined out at renowned chef Mario Batali’s restaurant, Lupa, in Greenwich Village. The Italian restaurant is known for it’s extravagantly expensive menu, which the two women happily enjoyed without a care in the world.

According to Conservative Tribune, Michelle and her mother each enjoyed the “Chef’s Roman Tasting Menu,” which costs $65 per person. They also enjoyed the Roman Wine Pairing for the dish at an additional cost of $49. Options for this menu include puntarelle alla romana, rigatoni alla gricia, strozzapreti with sugo finto, coda alla vaccinara, formaggi and tartufo.



While Michelle enjoyed this delicious meal on taxpayers’ dime, children across the country were eating the disgusting school lunches she has inflicted on them. These lunches often end up in the cafeteria trash, and have cost American public schools millions of dollars.


Enjoy your lavish meals while you can, Michelle, because you won’t be getting your hands on any more of our tax dollars after 2016…


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