Sexy Temptress Humiliates Herself On Live TV By Doing THIS

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This disturbing video reveals how little America’s youth knows about our nation’s history.

This past Memorial Day, Bill O’Reilly decided to send a camera crew to a beach full of young partiers to put their knowledge about American history to the test. Even O’Reilly was stunned to find that many of the young people had no idea how America had become a country in the first place.

When one bikini-clad girl is asked “Who did we fight in the Revolutionary War,” she thought it was the French! Later on, two young guys are asked who bombed Pearl Harbor. Puzzled, they offer guesses like China, Russia, and Korea, never once guessing Japan.

This humorous video is also a sad indicator of just how far patriotism has fallen in America. If young Americans don’t even know the history of our great nation, how can they take pride in it?

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