Patriot Curses Allah In Front Of Muslims – You Won’t Believe What Happens Next

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Tensions between Muslims and Christians in the U.K. has reached an all-time high after years of refugees from the Middle East fleeing to Britain.

So many have immigrated there that Muslims are quickly moving towards becoming the majority in the country, and many Brits are not happy about it.

This video shows a British man walk up to a restaurant counter and begin arguing with a Muslim employee. Eventually, he points his finger at the Muslim and says “f*** Allah.”

Seconds later, the British citizen is attacked by a Muslim mobbed and sucker-punched so hard that he is knocked to the ground unconscious. He begs his attackers to call the police, but all they do is mock him.

“It’s his own fault,” one of the angry Muslims says. “He was taking a piss on Allah.”

This is yet another example of supposedly “peaceful” Muslims condoning violence. We can only hope that America is never taken over by a Muslim majority the way the U.K. has been.

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