American Companies You Know That Profited From Slavery

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A list has just been released of American companies that profited from slavery, and you may be surprised by what businesses were on it. Now, liberals are trying to get these business shut down for crimes they committed nearly 200 years ago.

Some of the companies that are in trouble include Brooks Brothers, the luxury clothing brand that apparently got it’s start making clothes for slaves, and JP Morgan Chase, which made a fortune off the slave trade. Other banks like Citizen’s Bank once accepted slave as collateral from owners trying to take out loans.

Even Harvard Law School made the list, as it was revealed that the school was endowed a large sum of money from Isaac Royall, a known Antiguan slave owner who made a fortune off growing sugar on his plantations. Brown University is also under fire after it came to light that the school was founded by one of the Brown brothers who made his fortune off owning slave ships.

In addition to these companies, AIG is also in jeopardy after it came to light that the the company once bought American General Financial which owned US Life Insurance Company. This business insured the lives of slaves back in the 1850s. Insurance company New York Life is also under fire for once insuring the lives of slaves after the list revealed that of their first 1,000 insurance policies, 339 of them were policies on slaves.

While we certainly do not condone slavery, the current employees of these companies likely do not either. Shutting down these businesses would cost thousands of jobs of hardworking Americans who did absolutely nothing wrong. Slavery was a shameful part of American history, but it was abolished over 150 years ago.

It’s time we all move on, and let the employees of these companies get back to work. They should not need to pay for something that their distant ancestors did!

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