Mother Locks Daughter In Alarmed Bedroom So She Can Sleep With Pedophile Husband – And The Police Approve

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A mother in the U.K. is reportedly locking her two young daughters in an alarmed bedroom at night so she can sleep with her husband, who is a convicted child molester.

According to Daily Mail, the man was jailed for attacking a girl under 13 years-old, and he is described by authorities as a “continuing risk” to the two daughters, who are each under 13 years-old as well. Despite this, local authorities approved the plan.

Police said they approved the plan because the man would have to get over his wife to leave the bedroom, which would likely wake her up. They also said they think it’s a good arrangement because the daughters will have a baby monitor in their room, so they can call their mother to be let out to go to the bathroom.

No, we aren’t making this up: this is really happening.

The girls’ grandmother has been outspoken about her fears for the young girls’ safety.

“The alarm and the other so-called precautions to stop my granddaughters being abused are a load of rubbish,” she said. “It feels like my granddaughters are isolated and at risk. Social services don’t seem to want to listen to me.”

“It’s heartbreaking, but I have to keep fighting this for the sake of the girls,” she added.

The pedophile isn’t even the biological father of the girls, as their parents are divorced. The convicted criminal is not allowed to have contact with anyone under 16, but the girls’ mother has filed an application to become an “approved person.” This would allow her to supervise contact between him and her children.

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