Liberals Outraged After Chris Kyle Is Set To Receive Major Public Honor

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Liberals are outraged this week after a group in Odessa, Texas hired an artist to build a public sculpture of the American Sniper himself, Chris Kyle.

The piece could end up in a public park, but the Odessa City Council will be voting on that shortly. In any case, the privately funded project now appears to be a sure thing.

The sculptor that was hired is named Vic Payne, a Wyoming-based sculptor whose subjects include Native Americans, roughnecks, cowboys and wildlife.

Payne, who grew up in West Texas, acknowledged that the project would be challenging, but also promised to do “the best I can to portray Chris Kyle and do the best I can for his family and the City of Odessa.”


“It’s a portrait, so it’s not like you are just any human face,” added Payne, who will be studying Kyle’s bestselling memoir for insight. “It’s going to be intense study. . .  And actually his arms were real defined, and his hands even had a particular Navy SEAL look.”

While the project is supported by many including Odessa Mayor David Turner, liberals are doing everything they can to make sure it is not completed, and it has so far failed to gain the support of the Odessa Council for the Arts and Humanities. However, the sculptor’s backers still have hope they can be convinced.

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