Government May Be Up to Something Insidious Inside Closed Walmarts

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Yesterday, we reported on the mysterious closings of five Walmarts across the country. Though the company claims the closings were due to “plumbing issues,” but bitter employees and customers aren’t buying it.

“Why is it just plumbing problems? It’s gonna take them six months to fix up the store?” customer John Mambrl said, according to Infowars.

City officials in Brandon, Florida, where one of the Walmarts is closing, say they have no record of any code violation at the store. No plumbing trucks have been seen there, and when officials visited the site, they saw no evidence of repairs being done.

“How many things have they not said?” asked shopper Norma Espinosa, when told that Walmart was sticking to their plumbing story. “That’s scary.”

Police have been forced to guard a closed Walmart in Tulsa, Oklahoma after customers tried to force their way in to see what is happening.

“None of the five affected stores have sought any plumbing permits for future repairs,” ABC Action News reported.

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