Clint Eastwood Accused of Sexism After He Does THIS

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Clint Eastwood is in some trouble this week after accusations of sexism against his past films have surfaced.

Since his film American Sniper became a hit, liberals have taken every opportunity they can to knock Eastwood down a peg. Liberals are now accusing films of his like High Plains Drifter, The Beguiled, and Dirty Harry of being sexist and misogynistic.

Never mind the fact that Eastwood did not write any of these movies and only directed one (High Plains Drifter), none of those facts matter to any liberals.

The main film that is being attacked is Dirty Harry, a film in which Eastwood plays a fascist, sexist cop. Liberals are trying to link Eastwood to this character personally, and are blurring the lines of fiction and reality.

These liberal feminists need to calm down and drop their pitchforks. They need to remember that Eastwood was playing a role in these movies, and that none of those characters reflect what Eastwood himself thinks. If the public is going to force actors to always be exactly like the characters they play, it will put an end to any kind of diverse storytelling in the movie industry.

Chill out, liberals, because you aren’t going to be taking down Clint Eastwood with this nonsense.

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