Hillary Clinton Caught In Major Lie About Her Own Family

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It’s becoming all-too-common that Hillary Clinton is caught in a ridiculous lie, but this time she was caught lying about her own family.

During a Wednesday roundtable in Iowa, Hillary claimed that all her grandparents came to the U.S. as immigrants. This turned out to be a blatant lie.

“All my grandparents, you know, came over here,” she said during a small event, “and you know my grandfather went to work in lace mill in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and worked there until he retired at 65. He started there when he was a teenager and just kept going.”

She made the comments in an effort to show that she supports illegal immigrants.

“We are turning down people who really want to work,” she said. “I mean, they are here to work. And a lot of them now have children who are American citizens, and they are doing the best they can to try to make a good life for themselves and their families.”

When the press went to investigate her claims, they found that Hillary was clearly lying. Records show that three of Hillary’s four grandparents were born in the U.S.

Both of her maternal grandparents, Della Howell and Edwin Howell, were born in Illinois. Hillary’s paternal grandfather, Hugh Rodham Sr., did indeed immigrate to the U.S., but his wife Hanna was born in Pennsylvania.

It turns out this isn’t the first time Hillary has lied about her family history. In a speech last year, she claimed her grandmother Hanna “immigrated with her family as a young girl to Scranton [Pennnsylvania] and went to work, very young, in a silk mill.”

“She traced her Methodism back to the Wesley brothers themselves,” Hillary added, “who converted her great grandparents in the small coal mining villages of Southern Wales.”

The Clinton campaign was quick to acknowledge Hillary’s mistake.

“As has been correctly pointed out,” a campaign spokesperson said, “while her grandfather was an immigrant, it appears that Hillary’s grandmother was born shortly after her parents and siblings arrived in the U.S. in the early 1880s.”

“Her grandparents always spoke about the immigrant experience and, as a result she has always thought of them as immigrants,” the spokesperson added.

Yeah, right…

If we can’t even trust Hillary to tell the truth about her own family, how can we trust her to be transparent when she is running our country?

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