China Makes Major Move Against Muslims

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Unlike politically correct countries like America, China isn’t afraid to make moves against radical Islam.

After seeing all the evil that Islam has done all over the world, China decided to take action. Though China is the home to 23 million Muslims, they have made moves to limit Islamic propaganda by doing things like banning public prayer and religious texts in places of business.

Recently, China also banned burkas, beards, and other Islamic garb. The government chose to do this after they found that 1.8% of the Muslim minority in their country posed a threat to the rest of their citizens.

Thanks to these new laws, Muslims in China are being forced to choose between following Islam or respecting Chinese law. Though this has been a tough choice for many, the government has made it clear that they are not messing around.

A Chinese court in Xianjing just sentenced a 38 year-old Muslim to six years in jail for growing an Islamic beard. His wife got sentenced to two years for wearing a burqa. The court ruled that the man was “picking quarrels and provoking trouble” by growing an Islamic beard.

China has also made it clear that they have a zero tolerance policy on Muslim jihadism. They execute terrorists en-masse when they are caught, no questions asked.

While some are calling these Chinese laws extreme, they seem to be the only country who is moving towards ridding themselves of radical Islam. Maybe fighting terrorism requires some extreme laws such as these.

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