Priest Finds Trapdoor In Church, He Never Expected To Find This Inside


April 16, 2015 10:31am PST

A priest at a church in Liverpool, England saw a trapdoor in the ceiling, so he grabbed a ladder and went to explore it. He was stunned when he found this inside…

When he opened the trapdoor, Rev. Dr. Crispin Pailing found a time capsule dating back to before WWII.

During WWII, much of Liverpool was destroyed by bombings. All but one of the towers of the Parish Church had been annihilated, so the entire church had to be rebuilt and renovated. During construction, a portion of the building was concealed and forgotten: until the priest noticed the trapdoor.

Watch as Pailing brings a news crew into the secret room to investigate the various items inside. Due to the abundance of toys in the room, it looks like this was a room where children played during the war.


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