Hillary In Trouble After She Says This During ‘Drunken Rant’

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Just days after Hillary Clinton announced her plans to run for president, comments she made during a drunken rant in 2013 have come back to haunt her.

During a college reunion two years ago, Hillary had a couple drinks and revealed what she really thinks about Obama.

“The thing with Obama is that he can’t be bothered and there is no hand on the tiller half the time…” Hillary said, according to Conservative Tribune. “That’s the story of the Obama presidency. No hand on the f***ing tiller.”

“The IRS targeting the tea party, the Justice Department’s seizure of AP phone records and James Rosen’s emails — all these scandals. Obama’s allowed his hatred for his enemies to screw him the way Nixon did,” she added. “You can’t trust the motherf***er.”

While we can’t say we disagree with Hillary’s comments, this is clearly not someone that should be president of the United States. It’s one thing for a political pundit to talk this way, but it’s quite another for a president to say this.

The comments also expose Hillary Clinton as a liar, since she has said multiple times that she loves working with President Obama.

This is the real Hillary: a drunken, belligerent idiot who has no class.

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