Welfare Queens Everywhere Just Got Some Very Bad News

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A Missouri lawmaker has just sponsored a bill designed to stop freeloaders from abusing the welfare system.

State Rep. Rick Brattin’s bill will cut the costs of food stamps by restricting items that welfare recipients can purchase. These items will include such “fancy” items as steak, chips, and seafood.

Brattin believes it will “reduce the luster of the program and… have the effect of a drawback because the ability to buy anything and everything under the sun will no longer be there.”

He added that a bill like this is needed, because welfare benefits are now topping $1,000 a month.

“I would have to just go through and just start throwing stuff into the cart,” he told the press. “There is so much money being allocated to these programs.. if we remove the luster, i really think it will have a drawback effect.”

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