School Plants Device Inside Girl Without Her Parent’s Consent – You Won’t Believe What It Does

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A school in England is under fire this week after they implanted a female student with a contraceptive device without her parent’s consent.

Last year, Ashwell Academy implanted 13 year-old Layla Rowlands with a contraceptive device without asking her mother, Bernadette Jessops, if it was alright. The device remained inside Rowlands for just a few days, but her mother only found out about what happened this past week, and she was outraged.

“When I found out, I felt sick,” she told reporters. “At the end of the day, I’m her mum, and at that age, it is wrong!”


Making matters worse, the school is aware that Layla suffers from “behavior problems.” Despite this and her age, they allowed the girl to make this major decision without even consulting her parents.

Ironically, the school made a point of asking Bernadette for permission to show Layla a film that had sexual content in it.

“I didn’t give my consent until I knew what the film contained, yet I don’t get the chance to give my consent for her to get the implant?” she asked in bewilderment.

Even Layla admits that her mother should have been consulted about the implant.

“I do think parents should know, but I was afraid to say, and I had signed a form that said it was confidential,” she said.

In response to this, the academy has only said that the “health and wellbeing” of their students is their “highest concern.”

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