Obama Challenged Netanyahu To Do This – What Happened Next Left Him Speechless

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Recently, Obama challenged Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to come up with a “good answer” to a better Iran deal. On Sunday Netanyahu took this challenge and gave a speech in which he offered a series of better solutions than Obama’s precious Iran deal.

According to The Blaze, Netanyahu said that a better deal would be to shut down all nuclear facilities that had once been illicit, and would have linked the lifting of sanctions to Iran ending their support of terrorism.

“So let me reiterate again the two main components of the alternative to this bad deal,” Netanyahu said. “First, instead of allowing Iran to preserve and develop its nuclear capabilities, a better deal would significantly roll back these capabilities, for example, by shutting down the illicit underground facilities that Iran concealed for years from the international community.”

“Second, instead of lifting the restrictions on Iran’s nuclear facilities and program at a fixed date, a better deal would link the lifting of these restrictions to an end of Iran’s aggression in the region, its worldwide terrorism and its threats to annihilate Israel,” he added.

Netanyahu’s Sunday speech was a response to comments Obama made during  a press conference in Panama on Saturday.

“The prime minister of Israel is deeply opposed to it, I think he’s made that very clear,” Obama said. “I have repeatedly asked, what is the alternative that you present that you think makes it less likely for Iran to get a nuclear weapon? And I have yet to obtain a good answer on that.”

Netanyahu has offered an alternative to your “historic” deal, so what now, Mr. President?

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