You Won’t Believe What Was Lurking Behind This Shopping Mall

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A father and son were looking for fossils behind a shopping mall under construction in Mansfield, Texas when they found something they never expected to.

5 year-old Wiley Brys and his dad Tim found a piece of bone that they first thought was from a turtle. However, Tim quickly began to suspect that the bone came from a dinosaur.


“We were finding some fish vertebrae in the hillside, and then Wiley walked a little ways ahead of me and came back with a piece of bone. And I paused and was like, ‘OK, where did you find this?’” Brys said in an interview.

“My dad told me it was a turtle … But now he’s telling me it’s a dinosaur,” young Wiley added.


Tim sent the bone to scientists at Southern Methodist University, and they confirmed his suspicions, saying it was from a rare dinosaur that was alive nearly 100 million years ago.

Scientists began digging up bones at the spot last week with some help from the Dallas Zoo. They believe the bones came from a land-dwelling herbivore dinosaur called Nodosaurs.


Tim, who says he likes to spend as much time outside with his son as possible, said this was “probably a once in a lifetime opportunity … And he was four.”

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