Appeals Court Deals Obamacare A Devastating Blow

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Yet another federal lawsuit was filed on Tuesday in an appeals court against Obamacare. This time, it focused on Obamacare’s unfair birth control mandate.

Two Texas Baptist colleges are claiming they should be exempt from a clause in it that requires employers with over 50 employees to provide their workers with health insurance that includes birth control measures.

Previously, the Obama administration responded to this by saying that if they have a problem with this the schools can transfer the ability to pay for birth control to a third party insurer. The colleges, however, weren’t having any of this lazy response.

“The government is using East Texas Baptist and Houston Baptist’s health plans to deliver drugs and devices they object to,” said Diana Verm, counsel for the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty. “That’s a violation of their religious liberty and the law.”

The case was heard by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, which is known as one of the most conservative courts in the nation. It’s not looking good for Obamacare…

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