Obama Uses Malia’s Asthma To Push Sickening Agenda


April 8, 2015 9:02am PST

In a sickening move, Barack Obama is using a personal illness of one of his daughters in order to push one of his most ridiculous agendas.

According to Obama, Malia had terrible asthma as a child, and he blames this common illness on climate change. On Tuesday, the president said he knows how difficult it is for a parent to watch their child struggle to breath. He recounted the “terrible” fright he felt when Malia said she couldn’t breathe and he had to rush her to the emergency room.

Obama then went a step further and said that every parent should be all for preventing climate change so that illnesses like asthma can be reduced. Nevermind the fact that Malia hasn’t used an inhaler since before she moved to the White House at the age of 10, implying that her asthma went away despite “climate change.”

This is yet another sickening example of Obama using his daughters to push his own agendas. Sasha and Malia are children who likely have not formed a political opinion yet. Who knows, maybe they’ll see through their father and not want to be involved in any of his stupid agendas. He needs to give them the freedom to make that choice, and leave them out of his political dealings.


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