Liberals Outraged After Duck Dynasty Star Officiates Country Music Singer’s Wedding

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A few weeks ago, Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson stirred outrage when he officiated the wedding of country music star Jason Aldean and former American Idol contestant Brittany Kerr.

Much of the outrage stems from the fact that Aldean cheated on his-then wife with Kerr back in 2012, making the woman his mistress for a period of time until his divorce. Now, liberals are calling Robertson a hypocrite for supporting an adulterer when this goes against the Robertson family values.


“Exactly why I have a problem with religion and outspoken religious people like Willie Robertson,” one outraged fan wrote. “He is very vocal on his opposition to gays, gay marriage, the homosexual lifestyle, etc. as well as a whole host of other things. YET he sees NO conflict with officiating at Jason Aledean’s [sic] 2nd marriage after Jason divorced his 1st wife and admittedly acted ‘inappropriately’ while still married to his 1st wife with his now wife Brittany Kerr.”

In classic liberal fashion, the haters are taking the opportunity to slam a conservative Christian without first looking at the fact. Aldean and Robertson have been best friends for years, and they go way back. They both share a love for hunting, and Aldean is even a part of the Buck Commander Crew.


One of the core values in the Robertson clan is that family is everything, and Aldean is like family to Willie Robertson. We’re betting that Willie isn’t happy about the way Aldean met his new wife, but in the end, he feels the need to be there to support his family member on their big day.

Drop your pitchforks, liberals, there’s nothing to see here!

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