This Driver Realized He Was About To Die – What He Did Next May Surprise You

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Wu Bin was a bus driver in China who was having a normal day at work until a piece of iron that had fallen from a truck smashed through his window and impaled him in the arm and stomach.

Despite his extensive, mortal injuries, Wu Bin was able to save the lives of his passengers by slowing down the bus. The pain of the iron being lodged in his stomach nearly blinded him, yet Wu Bin was able to put on his hazard lights and hit the breaks of the bus as he pulled to the side of the road. He then told his passengers to stay calm and not leave the bus, since they were on a busy highway.

Wu Bin was eventually rushed to the hospital, where he died four years later of his injuries. He is now being hailed as the hero he is for having the ability to stay calm under pressure and save the lives of his many passengers.

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