Thug Rapist Tries To Attack Hot Girl, But It Doesn’t End Well For Him

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A rapist in the Chinese city of Lingyi set his sights on a young restaurant worker. Unfortunately for him, he picked the wrong girl to mess with.

Stills from security footage show the girl quickly turn the tables on her attacker by knocking him to the ground not once but twice. What the wannabe rapist did not know is that she is a martial arts expert, and she wasn’t about to become his next victim.


She knocked him to the ground once and ordered him to stop. Then, when she ran away, the idiot rapist pursued her, so she knocked him to the ground again.


“She was very brave and her martial arts skills saved her,” a friend of the victim said, according to The Blaze. “Her attacker didn’t know what had hit him. At one point she had him on the floor and was sitting on him with her hands around his throat.”

Police caught the wannabe rapist two weeks later and charged him with attempted rape.

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