Ted Nugent And Sarah Palin Team Up To Stick It To Liberals With THIS

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Sarah Palin and Ted Nugent have teamed up, and together they are a liberal’s worst nightmare.

Nugent has given the former Governor of Alaska her very own pink camo gun. He then posted a photo with her online along with the caption, “The Great Sarah Palin was given this DPMS AR15 as gratitude for her 2nd Amendment absolutism. Godspeed Sarah Palin. Godspeed freedomlovers everywhere.”

The picture has quickly gotten over 18,000 likes, and that number is sure to rise as it continues to spread.

“I’ll take Sarah and a gun any day over Hillary and her pant suits,” read one comment on the picture.

How about a Presidental ticket with Ted for Pres, and Sarah for VP !!! YOU’D BOTH HAVE MY VOTE!!!” another comment read.

We’ve got to admit, Palin and Nugent would make quite a team!

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