Michelle Obama Makes Outrageous Confession – We’re Disgusted


April 7, 2015 6:29am PST

Throughout her time in the White House, Michelle Obama has acted like a queen who does not have to adhere to the same rules as other Americans.

She proved this once again in an interview on Monday, when she was asked if she was helping her 16 year-old daughter learn to drive.

“I barely know now too so I have to check with other sources,” Michelle admitted, adding that she hasn’t even driven a car in seven years.

This is truly despicable. While us hardworking Americans are tirelessly working for every dollar we earn, Michelle Obama is being driven around by chauffeurs that are paid with OUR tax dollars. The least Michelle could do is drive herself someplace every once in awhile, but she of course won’t be doing that anytime soon.

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